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Just at seven years old, SaMya (Mya) created Free to Be You. Mya created Free to Be You to show other girls it is okay to be yourself! 

One day Mya was playing at the local playground and met some new friends. They decided to play superheroes, and she chooses to be Flash! The other kids told her she couldn't be Flash because Flash is a boy, and boys are always faster than girls.

However, Mya stood her ground and explained why she could and will be Flash. She even raced the other children and won. Showing them that girls can and are fast runners and can pretend to be any superhero!  

Free to Be You will have an option of a one-time buy or monthly subscription box that comes with unique barbies (curvy, vitiligo, prosthetic body parts, and more), toys, and experiments.

Mya will also host a YouTube channel where she'll show you what's in the box, along with science activities and other stem projects. It will launch in June!

Please follow her business page Free to Be You to stay updated! As always, feel Free to Be You!

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