Helping Hand

Helping Hand

I was evolved in a big car accident.

I was getting ready to enter the turning lane when a car made an illegal maneuver and ran right at me. All the airbags went off.
Smoke was everywhere, and my ears were ringing. I honestly thought this was the end for me.

The guy that is at fault insurance is giving the runaround.

I am trying to raise money to get another car to make it to work, take my daughter to school, and do her custodial visits with her dad if I'm late for any visit with him. He will try his best to take my daughter. She doesn't like going over there. I won't get into details but he is a narcissist.

I wouldn't say I like asking for help. However, I'm in a tight spot and desperately need help.

Unfortunately, I didn't have car rental added to my insurance or Collision at the time. This is definitely 100% lesson learned.

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